We are pleased to share that WCSD and WEA, have reached agreement and have signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) which creates a Special COVID-19 Sick Leave Bank (C-19 SLB). The C-19 SLB will provide certified employees the opportunity to donate and request sick leave days for use specifically towards COVID-19 related purposes. The C-19 SLB will be for educators who have exhausted all of their sick leave and personal leave.

In order to become a member of the C-19 SLB, you must be a member of the regular Sick Leave Bank. If you are already a member of the regular SLB, you only need to fill out the C-19 SLB Participation/Authorization form and donate up to ten (10) days of your personal sick leave time to the C-19 SLB.  If you are not currently in the regular SLB, you will need to fill out both Participation/Authorization forms, donate one (1) of your personal sick leave days to the regular SLB, and donate up to ten (10) days to the C-19 SLB. Enrollment for the C-19 SLB and the regular SLB will be open from December 9th to the 18th, 2020.

Both Participation/Authorization forms are attached and can be sent digitally to Earl.Spriggs@WashoeSchools.net or through school mail to the WEA office.

C-19 Sick Leave Bank Participation Authorization

WEA Sick Bank Participation Authorization Form