Why Join the WEA?

Collectively, we can make a difference.


No benefits and rights held by our members were given freely by school boards or politicians without Association activity.


No benefits and rights enjoyed by members are inviolate and not in need of the protection of association activity.


No benefits, rights, or conditions sought by members will be given freely by school boards or politicians without the pressure of association activity.

By being a member of the Washoe Education Association you are protecting and investing in your teaching career, demonstrating professionalism and commitment to the field of education. The WEA exists to enable you to promote quality education for the youth of our community and to protect professionalism in the classroom. As a member of WEA you are part of the largest group of education professionals in the Washoe County District – a community with more than 2400 members. And, when you sign up for membership in the WEA, you automatically become a member of three organizations (the WEA, the NSEA, and the NEA), which gives you access to a host of benefits and opportunities.

The Washoe Education Association is the local voice for certified employees here in the Washoe County School District and at the Legislature in Carson City. Membership in the WEA gives you constant access to the support you may need. It also includes legal representation in employment-related matters, negotiations, contract enforcement, professional representation in employee disputes, grievance processing, testing irregularity representation, help with evaluations, professional growth and development trainings and seminars, and discounts on continuing education, tax prep, financial planning, mortgage financing, car buying, tax-sheltered annuities, home buying, and estate planning.

The Nevada State Education Association is committed to protecting your rights, meeting your legal needs, supporting your professional development, telling your story to the public, serving as your voice in the Nevada Legislature, and providing member services including an Attorney Referral Program for personal legal matters, experienced staff to assist in collective bargaining matters, and committed employees available to represent you in grievances, dismissals, non-retention, retirement, workers’ comp, unemployment, and other employment-related matters that may arise. Throughout the years, NSEA has promoted quality public schools in Nevada by securing hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for key educational programs in the state. NSEA has also represented thousands of members in job-related situations, enforcing contract language to protect members’ rights throughout the state.

The National Education Association is committed to fulfilling the promise of a democratic society, promoting the cause of quality public education and advances in the profession of education. It provides members with NEA Dues-Tab Insurance, which provides up to $50,000 in accidental death and dismemberment insurance and a $150,000 benefit for death due to homicide while actively engaged in your occupation. It also organizes a far-reaching list of discounts at the NEA Member Benefits Office, including insurance programs, investment opportunities, loans, publications, and coupons. Throughout the years, the NEA has secured billions of dollars in federal public education funding, led the charge to fix and fund No Child Left Behind, worked to repeal social security offsets, and accomplished a great number of goals that have made the teaching profession better.

What’s in it for you?

Membership Benefits

Below are just some of the benefits of a WEA/NSEA membership.


$1 Million Liability Policy

All court-ordered damages stemming from any claim that results from an incident during the course of your employment activities.


Legal Representation

Your membership provides appropriate legal assistance to guarantee due process in employment-related matters. The NSEA, through the WEA, provides each member with two half-hour consultation meetings with our attorney each year at no cost. These meetings are for non-employment matters.


Contract Enforcement

Throughout the year, the WEA monitors violations of the negotiated Agreement and violations of the WCSD’s administrative regulations. Any contract questions can be brought to the attention of the full-time WEA staff.

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