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The 2024 Election Season is rapidly approaching.

Please fill out the WEA Government Relations Committee Survey and be on the lookout for future information on our legislative activities.

Together In Politics (TIP) is the WEA’s political action committee. Members’ voluntary donations to TIP are used to support candidates and causes aligned with the goals of WEA. Recipients are chosen after completing questionnaires and interviews about their positions about public education priorities, and then must be approved by the WEA Board.

Nevada has consistently ranked near the bottom of the nation in per pupil funding, and near the top of the nation in class size. The COVID pandemic has made many of our difficulties worse: Shortages of substitute teachers, bus drivers, and custodians for example. Many of these shortages are tied back to inadequate funding, and it is the state legislature that holds the purse strings.

We have had some successes. The ballot question WC-1 increased funding for capital projects, which has allowed the district to build new schools and refurbish older schools: Poulakidas, Inskeep, Bohach, O’Brien, Swope, Sky Ranch, Marce Herz, Desert Skies, and Hug. New revenue from marijuana and increased taxes on gold mines have been passed. But more needs to be done. The resources still don’t meet the needs.

Please donate to TIP to help friends of public education reach positions of influence. From the legislature to the local school board we need allies in the room when decisions are made that affect our students’ learning environment, and our working environment.


Full funding for public schools to meet the needs of students, staff, families, and economic growth.


Smaller class sizes to close achievement gaps and help educators meet the needs of all students.


Less emphasis on testing – and more time for teaching, learning, and creative thinking.