Member Benefits

Why Join the WEA?

Enjoy the benefits.

Your membership with the WEA provides you a wide variety of things. Benefits range from workplace protections and liability insurance to discounts and professional development and even more. 

Below are just some of the benefits of a WEA/NSEA membership.


$1 Million Liability Policy

All court-ordered damages stemming from any claim that results from an incident during the course of your employment activities.

Legal Representation

Your membership provides appropriate legal assistance to guarantee due process in employment-related matters. The NSEA, through the WEA, provides each member with two half-hour consultation meetings with our attorney each year at no cost. These meetings are for non-employment matters.

Contract Enforcement

Throughout the year, the WEA monitors violations of the negotiated Agreement and violations of the WCSD’s administrative regulations. Any contract questions can be brought to the attention of the full-time WEA staff.

Representation in Conferences

As a member of WEA, you are entitled to representation during any meeting with a WCSD administrator. This is important for you, especially when there is the chance that further disciplinary action may be taken. Before speaking to any WCSD Investigative office, you are entitled to conference representation and are urged to call the WEA at 828-9282.

Grievance and Complaint Writing

All licensed personnel have the right to file grievances when disputes over contractual articles occur. You also have the right to file a complaint when there’s a dispute over administrative regulation, policy or practice.

Personal Benefits

The WEA has a negotiated a 125 Plan through American Fidelity. In addition, AFA provides endorsed products that include disability, life and cancer insurance. They are located in the WEA building and can be reached at 829-1313.

Financial Planning Services

Financial planning is available through Chapman Financial Group Inc. who offer full brokerage services with no fees. Call Sandy Chapman or Erika Borman at 828-5050. They are conveniently located in the WEA Building.

Seminars and Training

Professional workshops and seminars are available to members throughout the year to improve teaching and work practices. There is also access to grants from the NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education (NFIE).

Member Discounts

Being a member entitles you to certain discounts for many types of vendors and services.


The WEA offers annual scholarship programs for children of WEA members. Applications are due in April of each year.