Good morning WEA family,
We’ve received some questions regarding last night’s memo from WCSD around returning to work on March 30. We contacted WCSD to get some clarifications around this very confusing (and continually changing) situation:
-the 30 day closure from Governor is really confusing as one source (Nv Indy) says schools are included. NV Dept of Ed says wcsd is ok to go back to school on April 6 pending approval by the Medical Examiner. Memo from the NDE was sent to the district last night;
– the NDE is allowing for two PD days to prep for student distance learning, that’s where the March dates are coming from… decision as to how that will be conducted (small group or by technology) is a discussion between area supers and principals based on the site capabilities. Although WCSD is currently planned for just three days of distance learning (April 1-3) we think the two days is to prepare for “just in case” distance learning longer than anticipated as the State Medical Examiner makes the decision for the distance learning.
– if an educator is sick on the PD planning days PLEASE STAY HOME. Let your admin know about this so info can be sent to you through email. Please do not try to “power through it”.
-If you have a pre-existing condition or concerned about exposure – please  let your admin know so again, information can be shared remotely through email or other technology.

Just a reminder – traditional schools are all on Spring Break right now (and next week). Please try to take some time to relax (easier said than done during these stressful times).

We know there are many, so many, questions out there but few answers in this ever changing situation. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.
In solidarity,
Natha and Tom