2019-2020 Student Learning Objective Expectations for Certified Teachers:
from https://www.washoeschools.net/cms/lib/NV01912265/Centricity/Domain/228/2019-20%20SLO%20Expectations.pdf


  1. Final Evaluation Ratings: The 2019-2020 Nevada Educator Performance Framework defines the teachers’ final evaluation rating as 85% qualitative rating score and 15% SLO student performance data score.

If you are a teacher with less than ten students on your roster, please contact your school administrator for alternative scoring.


  1. Per Nevada Department of Education, submitted assessments must: • Be psychometrically valid and reliable to as high a degree as feasible • Be aligned to Nevada Academic Content Standards (NVACS) • Be aligned to the intended level of rigor for the NVACS selected • Include all components students have access to (instructions, reading passages, notetakers, etc.) • Include clear scoring protocols for reliability and replicability • Identify the NVACS on each question or scoring rubric row • Be secure in that students do not have access to the culminating assessment materials during the instructional interval
  2. A minimum of one baseline assessment and one culminating assessment must be uploaded into MyPGS. Teachers may use more than one assessment for the baseline and/or culminating assessments. Students do not need to complete all assessments in one class period/day. Formative assessments during the instructional interval do not need to be uploaded into MyPGS.
  3. Accommodations from Individualized Educational Plans or 504 Plans must be followed for the baseline, formative, and culminating SLO assessments.

Clarifications & Recommendations

  1. Percent- and point-based scoring are converted to a standards-based scale. To best capture student growth in a standards-based scale, student performance is reported using 8 levels. The numbers 1-8 are not a score, rather identify the category of standards mastery for a given student (for example 4 = “high developing”). The actual conversion chart can be found at https://www.washoeschools.net/cms/lib/NV01912265/Centricity/Domain/228/2019-20%20SLO%20Expectations.pdf
  1. Baseline and culminating assessments must be aligned, but do not need to be identical
  1. If a teacher would like to extend the instructional interval based on formative assessment data, s/he must speak with the school administrator. Extensions cannot be given once a culminating assessment is administered to students.


If you have question or situation that is not addressed on this document any time during the year, please contact the Professional Growth Systems office at mypgssupport@washoeschools.net.