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Video Camera Program at WEA

The WEA has “flip” video cameras – small, USB-capable portable video cameras – available for WEA members to check out. These cameras may be used for creating artifacts for the new evaluation system, for pursuing national board certification, or for other work-related purposes. Call or email Ian Rossi (828-3026 or via WCSD Outlook) to arrange to borrow a video camera.

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All public employees in Nevada are in a common retirement system. The various groups in the system cooperate to achieve maximum legislative strength. Because questions concerning retirement relate to personal cases, it is best to call PERS directly at 687-4200.

The WEA does offer Retirement Counseling Services to guide you through the retirement process and answer your questions at our twice-annual retirement seminars (Thursdays in October and January).


Standards of Licensure are established by the Professional Standards Commission. A majority of the members of this Board are practicing teachers, and two of them are WEA members. Because questions concerning your particular license will be unique to your individual situation, it is best to direct your questions to the State Department of Education in Carson City at (775) 687-3115.