So much is in flux and while school and school celebrations and traditions may have changed, the importance of keeping readers motivated has not! NEA’s Read Across America will continue this year and we’ve developed online resources to make sure readers of all ages feel included, recognized, and engaged.

Our new 2020-2021 Read Across America calendar is here to make sure our children see reflections of themselves in the stories that surround them.

Check out our new Read Across America calendar today!

The Read Across America calendar has books by a set of authors as diverse as the beautiful works they have written. Each month offers a theme — empowering student voices, fostering inclusiveness, practicing empathy, cultivating compassion, and more.

A lack of diversity in the books taught in schools prevents some students from seeing ways of life beyond what they are familiar with. For others, it means never seeing themselves in what they read and learn.

These books for elementary, middle grade, and teenage students, and resources for incorporating the books into your lesson planning, will make sure all readers are valued and engaged.

The Read Across America calendar can help create just, safe, inclusive, and affirming classrooms. Check it out today.