Get Involved! Membership Pays!

There are many ways you can get involved and make your voice heard.

  • Become a Building Rep: Building Reps have an opportunity to earn points for the work they do to keep members informed. If they earn enough points during the year, they receive a rebate of their local association dues!
  • Join a Committee: The WEA is always looking for folks to become involved in its committees. You can choose from the Awards Committee, the Elections Committee, the Government Relations Committee, the Together in Politics Committee, the Membership Committee, the Scholarship Committee, or the Teachers and Community Together Committee. Call the office for more information!

Know Your Contract and Your Rights!

Here are a few articles that are worthy of being highlighted in your contract. There are certain questions relating to these articles that arise on a regular basis.

Article 16
Deals with Employee facilities. This section is very important with regard to employees completing the form that lists the personal items in the classroom and used for teaching purposes. Should a theft or damage occur, only those items that are listed will be covered up to the employee's perosonal insurance deductible of $500.
Article 18
Deals with Employee hours. This article generates the most questions early on in the school year. It is important that everyone understand the hours that are required and the rights of employees. This is especially true in elementary schools: while teachers in elementary schools need to report 30 minutes prior to the start of school, there should be no duties assigned prior to 15 minutes before the start of school. Should the principal wish to start faculty meetings prior to the 30 minute report time, a 2/3 vote is required of the staff. WEA's position is that the vote must occur every year since people's lives and the staff change during the course of the school year. This article also deals with duty schedule and the committee that establishes duties.
Article 20
Deals with sick leave and sick bank. Potential members (those who have not joined) are also eligible for this benefit since the negotiated agreement covers all employees. New hires have thirty days from their hire date to enroll in the sick leave bank by completing the official form and authorizing the deduction of one sick day. All other employees (who have not donated since 2007) have during the month of September to join. The sick day will most likely be deducted in January. If you are curious as to whether you belong to the sick bank, you can call Chelsea Wesnousky at 828-3026 to find out. Article 20 also addresses bereavement leave for family illness. The recent bargaining session increased the use of sick leave for family illness. Prior to 05-06 employees were limited to 10 days; now employees may use their sick leave to provide physical or emotional support for family members. Included in this article is an expanded definition of family members.
Article 21
Deals primarily with temporary leaves including personal and business days. These days seem to cause the most confusion. During the first week and last week fo school, these days may not be used. However, it is the discretion of the principal to approve them during this time. If someone is taking classes; it will be approved.
Article 24
This contains a great deal of information regarding salary, insurance, Master's Equivalency and ESIP. The WEA conducts a series of retirement seminars twice a year at which time ESIP will be discussed in more detail. Check your WEA Calendar Handbook for exact dates each year.
Article 27
Covers directed transfers and reassignments. Directed transfers pertain to being transferred from one school to another. New language now provides that employees on a directed transfer be provided an opportunity to list preferences from the list of openings. Reassignments pertain to a change of assignment within the school. There is a very strict interperetation of the process and how that reassignment may occur.
Article 28
Pertains to personnel files of employees. The official record/personnel file is located in the Human Resources division. You may see your file (and we urge you to do so) by calling and making an appointment. The site file is also accessible to the employee, and cannot contain anonymous references. At the close of a school year, an employee may request that things be removed from the site file. This file is important as it follows the employee from site to site.

Weingarten Rights

(Right to Representation)

"If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my association representative be present at the meeting."

  • Do not resign or abandon your work location.
  • All communication with your association is strictly confidential.
  • Document, in writing, the incident.
  • Keep any records that relate to the incident.
  • Representation is strongly advised.
  • Timeliness is important - don't delay.
  • Use your contract as a guide.
  • Follow orders unless there is potential for personal injury - you can grieve the orders later.
  • Call your UniServ Director for help.