WEA High-Five

High-Five: Martha Taylor

Martha Taylor Clayton Middle School English Language Arts Ms. Taylor is amazing. Every Monday morning we come to Clayton to delectable delicacies for all staff members. She gives up her lunch to do detention and I believe she even teaches on her prep. She arrives first thing in the morning, sometimes even before the custodian, around 5 […]

High-Five: Debbie Deach

Debbie Deach Lincoln Park Elementary School 2nd Grade Teacher She is one of the new Early Leadership Institute facilitators. She is also a lead teacher for one of our student teachers. She is a dedicated teacher on staff.

High-Five: Katherine Lopez

Katherine Lopez Palmer Elementary School Speech Pathologist She is always helpful and listens. She is willing to assist with and IEP and she is a great asset to our school. She is flexible and resilient. We love her!

High-Five: Darcy Clark

Darcy Clark Spanish Springs High School Strategies Teacher Darcy has worked super hard to start up the first Strategies program at her school. She has positive relationships with her students and their parents and tries hard to get her students the supplies they need. She is still in the ARL program and she will graduate […]

High-Five: Julianne Prettyman

Julianne Prettyman Lincoln Park Elementary School 2nd Grade Teacher Julianne is one of the new Early Leadership Institute facilitators. She is also the home visit coordinator at my school. SHe offers assistance to anyone that needs it. Thanks for all you do!

High-Five: Janelle Maddox

Janelle Maddox RISE Teacher Janelle is one of the  most patient and thoughtful teachers I’ve ever met. Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and ability levels. Janelle treats every student with dignity, respect, and kindness. Students often remark on how comfortable they feel with Janelle. This is so important when working with adult […]

High-Five: Charles Targett

Charles Targett Sparks Middle School Math Teacher Charles is one of the most dedicated teachers on our staff. He strives to build relationships with all of his students as well as using innovative ideas to teach math. Charles is always willing to go the extra mile to help anyone.

High-Five: Charlotte Scarborough

Charlotte Scarborough Whitehead Elementary School Resource Teacher Charlotte always goes out of her way to help others. She volunteers to cover duties and notices when someone is out and might need coverage. Thank you for all you do Charlotte!

High-Five: BJ Davis

BJ Davis Depoali Middle School Sixth Grade ELA/SS BJ is the nurturer of Depoali sixth grade. She organizes birthday luncheons for sixth grade staff. She also takes charge of restroom supplies. The sixth grade restrooms are well stocked with scented soap, air freshner and most importantly ROLLS of toilet paper! BJ rocks!