About the WEA

We're in the business of advocating for you and your career. Working to support you are our elected officers, our board of directors, and our office staff. Collectively, we can make a difference!

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WEA Officers

Dana Galvin

Dana Galvin
WEA President
Phone: 828-3023
E-mail: DGalvin@washoeschools.net

Natha Anderson

Natha Anderson
WEA Vice President
School: North Valleys High
Phone: 677-5499
E-mail: NCAnderson@washoeschools.net

Linda Hunt

Linda Hunt
WEA Treasurer
School: Vaughn Middle School
Phone: 333-5160
E-mail: LHunt@washoeschools.net

Our just-elected WEA Secretary is Robert Munson from Wooster High School.

WEA Board of Directors

Dawn Miller

Dawn Miller
Elementary School Director
School: Lincoln Park Elementary School
Phone: 353-5570
E-mail: DEMiller@washoeschools.net

Patrick Rossi

Patrick Rossi
High School Director
School: Hug High School
Phone: 333-5300
E-mail: PRossi@washoeschools.net

Sue Bennett

Sue Bennett
Special Services At-Large Director
School: Taylor Elementary School
Phone: 425-7700
E-mail: SMBennett@washoeschools.net

Fran McGregor

Fran McGregor
At-Large Director
School: Depoali Middle School
Phone: 852-6700
E-mail: FMcGregor@washoeschools.net

Phil Kaiser

Phillip Kaiser
At-Large Director
School: McQueen High School
Phone: 746-5880
E-mail: PKaiser@washoeschools.net

WEA Staff

Elaine Lancaster

Elaine Lancaster
Executive Director
Phone: 828-3025
E-mail: ELLancaster@washoeschools.net

Chuck Fletcher

Chuck Fletcher
UniServ Director
Phone: 828-3022
E-mail: CFletcher@washoeschools.net

Jennifer Guerra
Office Manager
Phone: 828-3026
E-mail: JGuerra@washoeschools.net