2017 Run for Education

The WEA is excited to once again sponsor WEA Members and their immediate family members for the Run for Education. If you have any questions, please email Robert Munson (rmunson@washoeschools.net).  WEA Registration DUE DATE: September 20.

Here are the instructions for registering a Member and / or immediate family members:

  1. Print and complete the attached Registration Form for yourself and a form for any immediate family members that you’d like to include. 2017 Run for Ed Registration Form
  2. Mark the box at the top “Paid by WEA” and fill in the WEA Member name—kids and spouses sometimes have different last names and so it is important to have the member name to verify membership in order to authorize payment.
  3. If you have a School Run Coordinator (2017 School Run Coordinators), then you’ll give your registration form(s) to the coordinator to turn in.  Your t-shirt/bib/swag will be sent to your school.
  4. If you do NOThave a Run Coordinator, you must send your forms to the WEA office through school mail or drop them off by September 20.  You will need to pick up your t-shirt/bib/swag at Scheels on Saturday, October 21, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 


Please note: In order for the WEA to sponsor your registration fees and those of your immediate family members, it must be received by the WEA or your Race Coordinator by September 20.